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Your assessors will vary in style.

When you are in a more traditional interview, you will be asked questions about yourself or will be asked to comment on an issue. Each interviewer will have their own unique approach, too. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that evaluators are normal human beings—they all have lives, families, and hobbies, just like you.

Some will be more gregarious than others. Some will be more direct, others more casual. But, believe it or not, they want you to succeed in the interview. Remember, schools are looking to recruit the students who will reflect best on them, and many of the top candidates might receive offers from multiple schools. It is important to keep that in mind and not take things personally in the interview. If you are feeling judged, or on the defensive, try to stay calm and stick to your values. Being your confident self is the key to succeeding in the interview process.

When you are in an MMI, the actor is given a script and will be testing a certain skill. The MMI takes the most practice to prepare for and this is where practicing with an objective coach holds the most value.